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January: Meet your Designer

Get advice from local designers on your remodeling and redecorating projects! Meet our panel of 4 designers to ask your questions. Learn what projects they work on. Bring your wish list and floorpans to get design advice on the spot.

23th of January, 2019 · 6.00 PM

San Jose

31th of January, 2019 · 4.00 PM

San Francisco

March: Workshop on how to update your bathroom

If your bathroom needs an update, you need to get your ducks in a row! Want to know what you need to know before you start talking to contractors? Need to know where to start? Come to the workshop and leave with a plan. When there is no plan, it is a dream! Make your new bathroom a reality.

1st of March, 2019 · 3.30 PM

Mountain View

March: Best options to add space

There is a lot of talk on additional dwelling units these days. Learn about your options, what drives decisions and costs. And how not to become a victim of your own best intentions.

21st of March, 2019 · 6.30 PM

Palo Alto

Know what has to be done and when.
Estimate costs. Adjust to budget.

A detailed scope of work means control of budget and schedule.

Inaccurate To Do List is the main source of budget and time overruns.
Let Homepie help you create the correct scope of work at the very start - for you to have a better renovation experience and avoid infamous "scope creep".

  • Wish List, Pain Points and Design Guide
  • Measures, Areas and Scope
  • Fixtures, Materials and Finishes

Complete bathroom package
All the steps of the process
A detailed quote from a qualified contractor

What Homepie can do for you?

We turn your wish list into a To Do list for your contractor. We help you understand bids.

 Totally confused about where to start?

Let’s start talking about your project and find out how we can help you.


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