We help busy homeowners manage complicated addition and new construction projects from idea to permit, from permit to move in.
We save our clients an average of 25% in time and 14% in costs.

How it works

The Homepie advantage

For you - it starts with a chat.

For us it starts with our in-house design guide that covers 90 features in one bathroom. We leave no room for assumptions.

Our all-inclusive bidding process eliminates scope creep!

Talk to us, sit back and relax. We take care of the rest!

Get bids

We are your one point of contact to develop scope of work and get quotes.

Handle quotes

We know how to ask for and compare contractors’ proposals.

Save time & money

No more chasing contractors! It is our job to find options that match your needs.

How to be confident in your design decisions?

Pre-construction visuals

It works the same way as when you select options and upgrades for your car. Think Tesla car buying experience.

It lets you visualize as you work on your future home with an architect or designer – in 3d with a possibility to view it from various angles.

  1. You give us a floor plan.
  2. We develop a 3d model.
  3. You do an online interactive walkthrough.
  4. You gain confidence in your decisions.

What homeowners say

When I started on this journey, I was a total beginner. With this team I was much more confident in my decisions. 

Jane Z., Redwood City

Project: addition

Homepie has been very helpful to keep me on a path of sanity  during  my two bathroom remodel planning and construction. 

Sam X., Cupertino

Project: 2 bathrooms

I really appreciate Olesia and her team for review and advice. The project moved much faster than if I were doing it by myself. 

Anne L., Mountain View

Project: in-law unit and bathroom for aging in place

Our promise

No conflict of interest

Unlike contractors’, our process minimizes change orders and thus helps keep costs under control.

No scope creep

We let you know about potential hidden construction issues upfront to avoid costly surprises.

You have an advocate

Wrong choice of a contractor adds months to your renovation project. Wrong scope might add multiples to costs.


We define the right scope and match it to the right contractor. We guide you from start to successful completion of your project –  saving you from costly mistakes.


Olesia,  HomeWiP Founder

Our portfolio

Take a peek into homes of our clients. Shown as is, unedited.

Does the thought of talking to planning department, developing a plan, selecting the right design, picking the best layout, making sure existing features match the new ones, figuring out the price range, fitting ideas into the budget, looking for contractors, vetting the contractors, comparing bids, selecting the best option, following building codes, pulling permits, selecting finishes and fixtures, scheduling, facing hidden costs lead to an overwhelming decision paralysis? May our concierge team take over?

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