April 30, 2018 Myth #1: Remodeling is Easy The clients don’t always realize is that the process is going to be unavoidably messy and will intrude into their lives, although a good contractor will minimize that as much as possible. Myth #2: Remodeling is Inexpensive The materials and products you are putting in are only a portion...
Read More While planning a remodel, you know it’s important to invest in top contractors and services. But when it comes to painting, you want to cut corners. After all, anyone can paint, right? Not necessarily! It’s always best to use professional painters to make your rooms beautiful. And if you’re not sure where to look,...
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How much will you save if you follow the planner? If an average bathroom remodel in US costs around $13,000 – then you could easily save a thousand by making sure all the selections are done in advance, all the trades know what is expected of them and when. Then there are two options. Option 1: Follow the link and treat the app like a cheat sheet. It works. You need to be patient, prepare well, get at least 3 bids, negotiate the contract well, keep everything in writing, use photos to document every step. You will slowly see your home transform. Option 2: Hire our concierge. If you do not have the time and need it done for you, get in touch.