Homepie Use clean energy at no cost You can use clean energy without buying solar or a renewable power plan from your utility. OhmConnect encourages you to use energy when it’s clean and save when it’s dirty. We will even pay you for saving energy during those times. California pays OhmConnect for the combined energy savings from...
Read More FURNIPRICE  offers a large number of products manufactured in Russian and CIS countries, as well as other foreign companies and factories from Italy, Germany, England, and other countries from around the world.
Read More How It Works Record stories over the phone                Once a week, we give your loved one a phone call. All they need to do to record is answer the call. No app, no email, no browser needed. Share with your family            ...
Read More Did you know that doing an eco-friendly whole house remodel has more than just environmental benefits? They’re also healthier for occupants (from using non-toxic materials), they save money through things like water and energy-efficiency, and they even sell for more when you’re ready to move on.
Read More Remodeling lessons through the eyes of a professional software project manager.  
Read More As people have become more aware of environmental concerns, so has the building industry. Choosing to add on to your existing home instead of building a larger one somewhere else is in itself an environmentally friendly decision.
Read More Modenus is a comprehensive digital resource for design professionals and design enthusiasts. Create your own beautiful portfolio to show off your best work; organize by project, category or any other way you see fit and, keep your project boards private or publish them for all to see.
Read More Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. As we age, all of us face difficult decisions that affect our loved ones and often bring up strong emotions. Many of us avoid talking about the subject, because we are afraid to cause a family conflict or even a legal battle. This delay can force...
Read More Golden includes financial, legal, healthcare, government benefits, fraud protection, financial coaching, alerts and more. View-Only Financial Data Bank-Level Security Financial Power of Attorney  
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Click through this checklist to get familiar with the remodel process

Try Bathroom Remodel Planner

How much will you save if you follow the planner? If an average bathroom remodel in US costs around $13,000 – then you could easily save a thousand by making sure all the selections are done in advance, all the trades know what is expected of them and when. Then there are two options. Option 1: Follow the link and treat the app like a cheat sheet. It works. You need to be patient, prepare well, get at least 3 bids, negotiate the contract well, keep everything in writing, use photos to document every step. You will slowly see your home transform. Option 2: Hire our concierge. If you do not have the time and need it done for you, get in touch.