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Hand over your To Do List for all construction related tasks to your dedicated personal assistant! Learn how to build a house with an expert by your side.

Build your first house with a confidence of an experienced owner-builder.

Take advantage of this pre-construction service today.
HomeWiP charges a 2% fee of your planned budget.

Why does it work for our customers?

The HomeWiP team enables cost savings of 13% on average -
for budget investment of 2%.

You save money

Average budget overruns on a construction project are 15%. For a 1M construction budget, this adds up to $150,000. With HomeWiP – you spend $20k and save $130,000! We work to prevent scope creep and budget overruns from day one.

You save time

Coordinating multiple parties involved in the construction process can easily turn into two years of intensive project management. Our 20 years of construction experience make navigating this process easy.

Sit back and relax.

We handle all the estimating, budgeting, selecting contractors, vetting, bidding, scheduling and coordination.

Our unique know-how

For homeowners by homeowners

We are experienced owner-builders. Our approach was tested on our own homes – it is proven to speed up the process of pre-construction paperwork and time in construction.

You will move into a new home faster!

I have spent more than a year looking for the right architect locally. Ended up starting to work with an out of state architect, even learnt some basic CAD skills myself – only to find out I had to have a local architect adjust to local building codes and stamp the plans. After meeting Olesia, I had three architects to choose from within a month. I ended up working with one who got my vision and lived in the same neighborhood as well.

Deepak, San Jose

I have just bought my first home. I couldn’t find an easy step by step guide to follow to start remodeling process. I didn’t even know how to start or where. Homepie did that for me and more – from finding a contractor within a week, helping match materials, suggesting the showrooms with better prices, to helping me avoid mistakes when buying faucets and ordering shades.

Alison, San Carlos

Our pre-construction visuals simplify design decisions.

You are confident in making the right choice.

You visualize your future home – in an online 3D walkthrough to view it from various angles and with different finishes.

You can see if you would like it  – before the start of construction.

You have an advocate

In the last 20 years I have done projects that include remodels, ground up construction projects, demolitions, relocation of a historical house, driveway and retaining walls construction. I enjoy seeing the transformations of a house into a home. I dislike seeing inexperienced homeowners taken advantage of.  Building your first house? Get help from someone who has been down this road before.

Olesia Chikunova,

HomeWiP Founder

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