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Check contracting license ( CA Licensing Board)Check certificate of general liability insurance (upload photo)Do you carry workman's compensation insurance for your employees? ( you want to hear yes, for all employees who will work on your property.)Do you have insurance in case something in my home gets broken in the renovation and/or construction process?Do you belong to any professional organizations and, if so, which ones?Confirm his experience in your ZIP code or larger area. How long have you been doing business in this town? How familiar are you with the local city building codes?A business address — not a P.O. box.References from one or two of his earliest clients. This’ll help you verify he hasn’t just recently hung his shingle.Technology savvy? - website - email - text - docusign - takes credit card payment etc.Use of local suppliers with examples - who are your main suppliers?Superintendant on site? Who will be here every day? I'd like to meet the Job Foreman. Can you take me to a project he is running?How many companies are asked for bids per each job? What will be included in the bid? What is specifically excluded? Do they need a full set of renovation design drawings?Do you itemize your bid? (Please do.) Is your bid an estimate or fixed price?Project management skills: regular client meetings? Schedules? When do I need to be available?Own team or subs?How will you protect my property?(i.e. dust containement measures)How will you communicate with me?How do you handle change orders?How do you let me know that I need to make a decision? My deadlines?How do I reach you after hours?What documentation will I get when the project is done? (liens, marked-up plans, copies of inspection reports, etc.)Do you need a deposit up front?Will you obtain permits and set up inspections required for this job?How will you clean up at the end of the day?Is there a warranty for your service or for materials you will be using?Have you been involved with any legal disputes following a previous job? And you want to hear an honest answer.Will you agree to including a termination clause in the contract that we co-write?Have you ever operated under a different name, declared bankruptcy, been sued or sued anyone before? Explain. Remember that you can look up court records. Ask the GC to detail any legal issues they’ve had before and explain how they were resolved.Do you have a list of client references? Do you also have a list of subcontractors, vendors (material suppliers) and architects and designers that have partnered with you that I can call?How many projects do you have going on right now? You want to be sure your GC is attentive/responsive to you and doesn’t put your project on the back-burner. The number of projects he can run simultaneously depends on how effective his firm is and how they’ve met deadlines previously.How do you stay current and on top of trends? New and better products are constantly being developed in home building. Your contractor needs to actively stay on top of product introductions, service innovations and industry trends by doing several of the following on a regular basis: attending conferences, taking continuing education classes, reading trade magazines, subscribing to industry newsletters, meeting with sales reps and networking with industry professionals.If your house was built before 1978, your contractor will need a lead paint safe course certificate.Was the contractor on time to the meeting? Did he or she call to let you know about any delays?Do they take on projects of your size? What is their usual project value? (scales)Are they willing to provide client recommendations and financial references, from suppliers or banks?