Interior designer who manages as many as 20 new projects per month - creating a tool to share her expertise with those who are completing a remodel for the first time.

 I will help you anticipate unseen issues and set aside funds for remediation – just in case!  

Welcome to Homepie.

My name is Shari.  I am an Interior Designer and have worked in the industry for over 30 years.

My design education started early. My mother and three of her sisters were antique dealers and decorators.  They redesigned homes- theirs, friends and clients. At a young age, I was my mother’s assistant – repairing and refinishing furniture, tearing down old walls and painting new walls, plus installation of hundreds of yards of wallpaper.  I have early memories of sitting on the end of a board while my mother cut an ornate design using a jig-saw on the opposite end.

In the early 80’s, I learned the window covering business. My high school chemistry teacher owned a drapery company and offered me an entry level position.  At this point, my intention was to become a doctor and I saw this job as a way to put myself through medical school.  Life had other plans – instead of medical school – I ended up in design school.

I have worked in both commercial and residential settings.  My work in the hospitality sector included renovating hotel rooms, halls, lobbies, restaurants and other public spaces in San Francisco’s boutique hotel market.  My focus was on design and color schemes, lighting, wall art, window coverings, floor coverings and furnishings.  I was the turn-key Designer and Project Manager – responsible for budget and on-time completion of projects.

I currently work as a residential designer for Interiors and Textiles.  We specialize in window treatments, flooring coverings and wall coverings.  I manage as many as 20 new projects per month. My job is to assist with the transformation of spaces using my understanding of design, color and light, and making the most of available space.

I interact with work rooms, installers, and suppliers on daily business. I also manage project problems, delays, and change orders on behalf of my clients.

My remodeling experience extends from hotels to residential properties. Most recently, I oversaw the upgrades needed for my rental.  When removing the existing floor, we discovered massive slab damage that had to be remedied quickly and cost effectively.  We had fortunately anticipated there might be unseen issues and had set aside funds for remediation – just in case!

I am ready to share my expertise with those who are completing a remodel for the first time.