Homeowner on her 8th construction project - helping other homeowners to handle bidding process and manage remodels on time and within budget

 With 4  remodel and 5 construction projects under the belt, I do not want you to make my mistakes. Make your own.

Welcome to Homepie.

I have done my first remodel in 1998. We gutted the 850 sq ft apartment in April and moved in in December. I had a deadline to meet – I was pregnant and had to move in before the birth of my first kid.

I have built my first 1610 sq ft house in 2002. We started working on foundation in May and my in-laws moved in in November. I had a deadline to meet – I was pregnant and had to move my in-laws out of our two-bedroom apartment before the birth of my second kid.

Project management has everything to do with meeting these deadlines.

I used spreadsheets at the time, and when I moved to the Bay Area and started my eighth remodeling project here I caught myself doing the same old spreadsheets. In 2015. In Silicon Valley.

Second, there was no roadmap that would show someone doing it for the first time where to start.

As I got more and more involved in the local construction scene, I have noticed one more gap. No one talked of the inherent conflict of interest between a homeowner and a contractor, while all the local homeowners I know would start their project with looking for a contractor.

Contractors make money by billing homeowners for their services. The bigger the bill – the better for the contractor. And hiring a general contractor just makes the issue bigger – most charge fixed commission on the sub’s work.  They gain nothing by saving your money.

An unsuspecting homeowner needs someone who will be watching out for her. A homeowner’s advocate.

So this is what I am doing today with my team  – showing you where to start and what to expect during your project while all the time saving you from costly mistakes.

And if you are on this website – you see the result of this thought process.

This is not a complicated construction project management tool. Homeowners do not need to spend a week to learn a new tool to only use it once every 10 years. The tool is simple to use, but powerful inside, with a lot of things going on backstage.

Hope you find it easy to use and helpful.

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P.S. Why homepie? It takes a lot of ingredients to bake a good home pie. And a lot of patience and skill. And the whole point is to share it with friends and family.

P.P.S. Yes, I know that homepie is a slang for a wife, who knows her place and keeps it warm. Urban slang, what have you. I also know that it takes a very clever homepie to remodel in time and on budget. Mock away if you wish.