Homeowner on her 8th remodeling project - creating a tool to manage remodels on time and within budget

 With 4  remodel and 5 construction projects under the belt, I do not want you to make my mistakes. Make your own.

Welcome to Homepie.

I have done my first remodel in 1998. We gutted the 850 sq ft apartment in April and moved in in December. I had a deadline to meet – I was pregnant and had to move in before the birth of my first kid.

I have built my first 1610 sq ft house in 2002. We started working on foundation in May and my in-laws moved in in November. I had a deadline to meet – I was pregnant and had to move my in-laws out of our two-bedroom apartment before the birth of my second kid.

Project management has everything to do with meeting these deadlines.

I used spreadsheets at the time, and when I moved to the Bay Area and started my eighth remodeling project here I caught myself doing the same old spreadsheets. In 2015. In Silicon Valley.


And then I started thinking how I could make the process more productive and less chaotic.

I want to see the rolling weekly plan without asking the contractor to update a schedule. Microsoft Project is expensive to buy just for one remodel, and the contractor charges me by the hour for the updates.

I want to keep it all in one place without losing paper trail during a move. My property manager in Moscow recently lost all the docs from a previous remodel – no proof left to claim a warranty. Do not ask me how that is possible, to lose two 4-inch thick folders.

And if you are on this website – you see the result of this thought process.


This is not a complicated construction project management tool. Homeowners do not need to spend a week to learn a new tool to only use it once every 10 years. The tool is simple to use, but powerful inside, with a lot of things going on backstage.

Hope you find it easy to use and helpful.

Send me your comment at hello@homepie.co if you do not.

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P.S. Why homepie? It takes a lot of ingredients to bake a good home pie. And a lot of patience and skill. And the whole point is to share it with friends and family.

P.P.S. Yes, I know that homepie is a slang for a wife, who knows her place and keeps it warm. Urban slang, what have you. I also know that it takes a very clever homepie to remodel in time and on budget. Mock away if you wish.