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Access to customized estimates for home renovations

Homepie concierge helps busy listing agents collect rough estimates on potential renovations that a buyer might ask about.

How it works

[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-social-apple62″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”6″ iconbox_heading=”Send us a floor plan and a couple of images as is” icon_size=”25″][/dt_iconbox]
[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-ios7filled-anchor10″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”6″ iconbox_heading=”We produce a 3D model that has rough estimates for possible changes” icon_size=”27″][/dt_iconbox]
[dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-ios7filled-alarm10″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”6″ iconbox_heading=”You include the link and scan code to this info in your marketing” icon_size=”29″][/dt_iconbox]

How much it costs

with existing floor plan


No visit to the property needed if floor plan and photos provided.

floor plan needed


A visit to the property needed if no floor plan provided.

A broker gets money back, if a buyer signs up for the service.

Bonus to buyer: they can envision the space in a different style.

1. Floor Plan to 3D model

2. Current status

3. Re-design

Our advantage

Homepie is a home renovation concierge.

We are your single point of contact for 3d model, redesign visuals and rough estimates.

Showcase a video tour of a new listing

Let your buyer envision a home in a new color or in a different style.

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    You benefit from no hustle rough estimates, your clients - from design options. In style.

    [dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-social-apple62″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Contemporary” icon_size=”25″]Clean lines, soft colors, natural accents.[/dt_iconbox]
    [dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-ios7filled-anchor10″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Mid-century modern” icon_size=”27″]Airy feel, geometric patterns, sophisticated textures.[/dt_iconbox]
    [dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-ios7filled-alarm10″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Scandinavian” icon_size=”29″]Natural materials, light colors, breezy interiors.[/dt_iconbox]
    [dt_iconbox icon_type=”icon-ios7filled-anchor8″ line_height=”1″ layout_type=”7″ iconbox_heading=”Industrial chic” icon_size=”27″]Contrasting textures, solid forms, loft appeal.[/dt_iconbox]

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