A home should be the place that supports you today and tomorrow.

Let us show you how to age-proof your home.

38% of homeowners need to update lighting fixtures

37% of older homes need weatherization upgrades

39% of older adults tend to add shower seats and curb free showers

We are dedicated home modification advisors to help with design solutions for safe and independent living in your own home  – for a lifetime.

Do you want to be proactive about staying healthy?
Do you exercise and use anti-age creams?
Take the quiz to see how your home scores on safety.

Attention, please. If your contractor starts googling ADA, when you ask for aging in place solutions, it is not the right contractor. ADA are guidelines for commercial locations, not for residential clients.

We get it - it is difficult to see what is involved in the initiation of any project. Most brochures and magazines only show you the finished product. It is also difficult to figure out what contractors specialize in and what can be done and couldn't be done according to building code.

It is often the case that details are not clarified or confirmed by contractors nor does the average person know what questions to ask. How to best determine what options will fit with needs, style and home limitations?

Scope of work is the main source of budget and time overruns.

Let us help you create the correct to do list for you to use when asking for bids. The scope of the project determine the budget, which is an important factor of any decision making process.

  • Design
  • Measures
  • Areas
  • Fixtures
  • Shopping List
  • Budget Study

We offer complete packages, assisting you with everything from product selection to assembling the project team. We help you understand all the steps of the process, and then get a detailed quote, and schedule, from a qualified contractor.

Home modifications lower the risk of hospitalization and most of the time cost less than 3 months stay at an assisted living facility.

78% fall inside or right outside of their own homes – falls predictable and largely preventable.


Guide on making design decisions


Complete list of all steps in YOUR project

Double check your Medicare coverage. Does it cover nursing care? What about hospice care? Or physical therapy? If you simply need help with the activities of daily living (like dressing, bathing, eating, etc.), you’ll be most likely responsible for those charges.

Costs of  out-of-pocket payments? An average of about $140,000.

What needs to be done to improve quality of life for years to come?

Consider limited mobility or agility, difficulties in hearing or in sight, in lifting, reaching, bending or dexterity. All these issues need to be addressed in your remodel plans.

Would you want to spend 30 years in an assistant living facility or in your own home?
Thinking ahead because you like your home and want to stay there forever?

We thoroughly dislike seeing age friendly products look as if they have just come out of the hospital.
Want to “age in place”? Then why not in place, in style, in grace? Let us show you some designs that are age friendly but also stylish to the point that no one would know it is done with universal design in mind.

Research shows, 90% of people want to live in their home as they get older.
At the same time, less than 5% of housing units are done with age friendly design in mind.

Modifying the home to universal design principles makes perfect business sense!
Plus, when you reach the age of 65, there is a 40% chance you might be facing some kind of disability… and then there is a good chance you will live with it till you are at least 95.

Modify your bathroom to be comfortable for people of all ages. Life long design is possible. Interested?

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Aging in place is not about disabilities, it is about comfort, forward thinking and, yes, resale value.

Maybe an injury necessitates temporary universal design access. Maybe you need to add a caretaker for a parent. Do your guests need universal design elements? Slipping, tripping, and falling are very real risks of bathing and showering. Let us help you modify your bathroom to aging in place, in style and in grace.

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