We will walk you through the implementation process of your vision, from pricing to timelines to limitations to new ideas - sharing our lessons learnt along the way.

From your wish list to project requirements.

From project requirements to construction drawings.

From construction drawings to permit.

Speed up your permit. Move into a new home faster!

Why should I pay Homepie? There are solutions on the market that are free to homeowners.

Correct. Most platforms make money from contractors, not homeowners.

This means contractors are their clients, not you, the homeowner. If you are not a client, you are a product. We want to be on your side every step of the way.

What’s the catch?

We start working with you at the very early stage, get the whole team up and running – but to be able to share all our expertise and resources with you – with no holding back – we take our fee on day one.


What’s included in the fee?

Our fee includes all services performed by Homepie Team and excludes fees for architects, designers, engineers, consultants, PG&E, Fire Department, Water District, county, town’s Planning and Building departments, etc.,  as well as construction crew labor and materials.

With Homepie – you spend $10k and save $140,000!

Project Overview

Our pre-construction agreement takes you from step 1 to step 7.

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