Olesia Chikunova


I have done my first remodel in 1998. I moved to the Bay Area and started my eighth remodeling project here, and I caught myself doing the same old spreadsheets to manage one more project. In 2015. In Silicon Valley.
And then I started thinking how I could make the process more productive and less chaotic. And here we are.

Shari Schoenecker


I am an Interior Designer and have worked in the industry for over 30 years. I am the turn-key Designer and Project Manager - responsible for budget and on-time completion of projects.
I am ready to share my expertise with those who are completing a remodel for the first time.

Evgeny Ilinykh

IT Project Lead

IT professional with a Master's Degree in Math and with 12 years' experience both in software development (6 years) and IT business consulting (6 years in SAP rollouts). He worked in IT departments of Mars Inc. and PepsiCo Inc. Sound technical background, database design and software development is complemented by good business knowledge in project and team management.

    Marieke Eggert-Pirk

    Interior Designer

    As Interior Designer, I have been working on single- and multi-family remodeling projects for the past 10 years. I studied Interior Design in Germany and led remodeling projects from the very start to finish. Dealing with permits, design decisions and cost planning, facing technical challenges and coordinating contractors can easily become an overwhelming and frustrating full-time job.
    My goal is helping homeowners navigate the remodeling jungle.

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